Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Dear blog, I recently attended a professional development course on classroom management. Being my first year teaching, I thought this would be the perfect course for me. I found some great resources. During the course, we watched videos of how one teacher's procedures for the first week of classes. It was an English teacher in the video, and he recommended several books. If you have read any of my posts before, you will probably know I love to ready; so, of course I wanted to add the books he recommended to my must read list. One of the books he recommend was, Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. This was the only one my local library had, so, I naturally read it first. You may be asking, "why didn't you just buy or rent the digital copy of all of them?" Well, I'm a little old fashion: I enjoy the feeling of finding the perfect book in a library and taking it home for a wonderful experience, then returning it to share that experience with another person I may never meet. I prefer to have the physical book because I love the way they smell. Also, there is something comforting about curling up on a comfy couch with a blanket and a cup of coffee or tea. Its my favorite way to spend the night, after my children go to bed (when I'm not exhausted from playing with them).

I read the book in two days. Which is surprising considering I ws only really able to read in between my daughter's 8pm and 11pm feedings. I really enjoyed the book. I don't think I have ever read a book like it, but I could be wrong. I think it was a very sad story, if you haven't read it, I recommend you do. It's an anti-bullying book that would be great for our children to read. I don't think it's right to create lies about other students, and then spread those lies throughout the school. High school was awful for me. I still can remember my changing into gym clothes. It was terrifying, other girls would judge me and make comments about me being fat. I hated changing for gym, I always tried to get there early so the other girls would not be around. Now I tolerate other people's comment in a different way than other people. Some people can't seem to shake it off and be able to move on. They don't find a way out, and I totally understand that. Everyone deals with problems and things in their lives in different ways and we need to keep that in mind instead of being quick to judge. In the story the main girl was judged and talked bad about and she didn't find anyone to confide in so she decided to make audio tapes of her story. She wanted these tapes to be passed around to the people who wronged her and bullied her. If you are interested in knowing how the story unfolds I recommend you read this book. You can find it through the links below.

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