Acti Labs Makeup Wish List

Dear blog, when I was walking through the mall this weekend I came across this table advertising the brand Acti Labs. This is a brand from France, I absolutely fell in love with their packaging. My dream is to visit the Eiffel Tower, and on packaging they have the Eiffel Tower so I fell in love. They are a cruelty free brand, if you are interested in reading about their ethics click here. Here are some products I'm interested in trying. This post will be only about makeup and I will write a separate post about the other kinds of products.

I need an everyday foundation, so I thought I would try a new product. 
This is the Age defying Creme Foundation, I want one for me and one for my mom. She needs to upgrade her makeup collection and I'm her go to person when it comes to makeup. Which I love!!! There are three shades to chose from and at a great price.

The next product is the Contour Shading Palette . There are four colors, it looks like it bring a bronzer, blush, translucent powder, and high light. I love to have all those products together like that, it's on my top product to try. Also, at a great price.

Another product is the Skyscraper Mascara. The description says that it gives volume to your lashes.

My mom is looking for an easy to use product on her eyebrows. This is the Brow Wax, looks like an easy to use products just what my mom needs.

Another product is the Mega Matte Liquid, this is the product I tried at their table and fell in love with it. I enjoy wearing matte lipsticks. This brand has some beautiful shades to pick from. I like the shade Angel Pink. 

Sometimes I like to just wear concealer instead of foundation. So I would like to use their concealer and see how I like it.

I'm looking forward to trying out some of these makeup products. 


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