Products I have Used Up!!

Dear blog, I have another empties post. If you don't know what this type of post is about, I will explain. These are the products that I have used up recently and I write a short review. I hope you enjoy this post, so let's jump right in.

For body washes I love the one's from Bath and Body Works. I have a huge stock of body washes. I have actually banned myself from buying anymore until I absolutely need to have more. This has not been very easy to do since the FALL scents are out, and I love the FALL scents! So far I haven't caved in, but fall just began; so there is no telling what is going to happen. Okay, back to the post. I enjoyed the smell of the Honolulu Sun, it reminds me of summer and it has a hint of coconut and I love the coconut scent on body products. So this products get a thumbs up.

I love this Hollister Malibu Beach body spray. It's a great summer scent. Every time I wore it I felt like I was walking at the beach. I can't find it on their website any more, but they do have other scents that sound just as good. This products gets a thumbs up from me.

Now this product I'm missing from my makeup collection. I'm very sad I have used it up. To make matters worse, I don't have another one. I haven't been able to make an order from The Body Shop, but I hope I can soon. This BB cream is absolutely amazing, I loved using it every day. I felt like I wasn't wearing makeup which is a plus for me. I recommend this BB cream to everyone, I will be purchasing it again. I like the hint of highlight. I love how it looks on the skin. I can't rave enough about the All-In-One BB Cream from The Body Shop. This products get two thumbs up.


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