Fall Essentials Wish List

Dear blog.there are some items that are essential to me for the Fall season. One of my all time favorite items to wear during the fall season are boots!!! I love boots. I've been wanting to find the perfect ones for me. Several years ago, my mom bought me a pair at Kmart that are brown and black and I absolutely love them. I've been wanting to find another pair similar to the ones I already own. I have bought a pair from Tory Burch twice and both times I've had to send them back because they wouldn't fit right, I was so disappointed because I really want to own my first pair of Tory Burch boots. They are so cute!!! I found a pair of Michael Kors boots that are also very cute and half the price of the Tory Burch boots.

Another fall accessory I love to wear are scarves. They help me stay warm and cozy while I'm out and about. Also. I like how the scarves just bring an outfit together. I've always wanted to own a Burberry scarf, they look so classy. One day I will own one!

 I have never used Burberry makeup, but this powder looks absolutely beautiful. I love the detailing on the inside, and the packaging is gorgeous. I think it would look beautiful, and give me a glowing look.

I'm needing a new crossbody bag and I think I have found the perfect one, it's the Kate Spade gabriele' pebbled leather crossbody bag. With two children, a crossbody bag is the most convenient and efficient. I can carry around my children and not have to worry about holding my purse. I like to carry my essentials in my own bag and still carry a baby bag, so that's another reason that a crossbody bag is essential to me. I'm able to use my own purse and carry the children's bag.  


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