Sick Day Routine

Dear blog, I woke up this morning not feeling too good. All I want to do is still be laying in bed, but with two children, that is not an option. So I'm up and about, this is what I do on those days that I'm not feeling like myself.

I like to lay down at the end of the day on a clean and comfy bed. I start my day by making my bed. I then head to the bathroom to brush my teeth, we use Crest Complete. We buy ours at Sams. Who doesn't love buying in bulk? After that, I pick out my outfit of the day. Before I put my outfit on, I put on deodorant. I'm currently using Young Living Meadow Mist deodorant.

I like to be comfortable and cozy especially during the fall season. I went for my New Balance workout pants and my Harry Potter shirt from Kohls. Oh and I can't forget my Harry Potter Hogwarts socks from Target, but you can also find them at Kohls!!!. My feet are always cold, so I always wear socks. I go crazy at Kohls. I can make an entire post on just Harry Potter products from Kohls.

Also, I like to smell good, even when I'm sick. Here I am trying to decide which perfume to chose. And of course I went for my current favorite Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake, perfect for fall. Also, very soft scent.

Since I was feeling stuffy and had a headache, I used a new product from Origins. I used Sensory Therapy roll on. I rolled it on my temples, around my forehead, and between my fingers. Then I just like to smell it. It really did help, it's a very easy and affordable product to use. This was my very first Origins product and I liked it. There are some other products I would like to try. On my list is the Ginger range, there is a great gift set for $55. Another product that I would like to try is the RitualiTea Matcha Madness Face Mask. It looks like a neat product to try. If you have used it let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day :)


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