Women's March

Dear blog, I'm a woman and I'm proud to be one, but I'm a little confused about the point of the women's marches on January 21st. Is it because we have elected a new President? How is electing a new President hindering us as women. How is President Donald Trump different from all of the other Presidents we have elected in the past? Yes, he has done some things in his past, but haven't we all? What makes you better than him? In John 8:7 "Let any of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her." (NIV) Just because someone doesn't believe the same way as us, why does that give you the right to go terrorizing people, burning cars, destroying businesses, and calling our President names? Obviously it was a march about equal rights for women. Here is where I'm confused. All of these women were marching for "their" rights, what about all of those women who were aborted before they were born, what about their rights? I understand some of those abortions are from women who have been abused or raped, but not all of them; even so, what difference does it make? How does killing an innocent child make up for the pain the woman was put through. So are we so selfish to just care about our rights? Because when you are kill that baby girl, you don't care about her rights as a woman. In my opinion, that is not standing together as women, it is just caring about yourself. How much more equality do we want? Heck, we aren't equal at all. If a man murders a child, he goes to prison or executed, if a woman does it, its her right as a "woman". As far as equality, we are already working, we have the opportunity to get an education, we have the opportunity to be successful. In the past I have not agreed with some of the Presidents we have elected, I didn't go out into the streets and riot just because he didn't stand for what I believe. Instead I chose to pray for our country and for God to give that person the wisdom needed to run our country. I'm not perfect, no one is. I have no right to judge someone, that is not my job, I don't like to be judged.

Another thing, these people who are calling President Trump names and judging him are the same people who are against "bulling". You are contradicting yourself, you are against bullying and hate when others do it, but when you do it, it's okay?? This makes no sense. Instead of rioting and calling people names get on your knees and pray for our country and to give our President the wisdom he needs. Life is hard get a helmet and remember it is never fair. Get over yourselves, you hypocrites.


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