Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie

Dear blog, we went to watch the Beauty and the Beast live action movie and I could not be more impressed. We absolutely loved the movie, it was not a let down. We were a little skeptical because of the rumors that were going around, but it was not what I had imagined. The actors did such an amazing job. Their singing was on point; I enjoyed that they did their own singing. They were ale to add more to the story that wasn't in the original, but I thought it was good. Disney out did themselves, I can not express how good it is. I've been recommending it to everyone, so if you have not seen it I recommend that you do this wekend. If you want to hear a great review check this one out.

I'm looking forward to the last Pirate's of the Caribbean movie Dead Men Tell No Tales. I've watched the trailers and I could not stop laughing. Its certainly on my must watch movie list for this summer.


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