Thirteen Reasons Why Show

Dear blog, I just finished watching Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix. I read the book several months ago and I thought it was good. I felt like the show was good too. Selena Gomez did an amazing job on picking the cast for the show and putting it together. The one thing I did not like was all of the cursing; in my opinion there is no need to curse. Putting the cursing aside, it was a good show. I was engaged I didn't want to stop watching. I wonder if there is going to be a second season???
Katherine Langford, who played Hannah the main character, did a great job. Especially in the scene where she is in the bathtub, wow that was good acting. This show gave a good description of how high school really is. I personally would not like to relive my high school years. They were the worst. I never had many friends, but I had a few from my church. The first two years of high school weren't too bad, my friends were still there. But when they all graduated, I was basically alone. So I always ate alone, I wouldn't eat in the cafeteria I would sit in the stair case or I would go to the library and read. I was called names, I was made fun off, but one that has stuck with me was a comment made to me during gym class. I was in the locker rooms getting changed to my gym clothes. I would usually change behind a wall where no one could see me, but sometimes there would be other people back there and I had no other choice but to change in front of everyone. As I was changing, two girls made the comment "we thought you were fat". What?? Is all I could think. I don't think I responded to them. I just ignored them. It was hurtful to hear because at that age we are all so self conscious about those type of comments; and they can lead us to make poor choices. I decided to take the high road and ignored them. This was hard to do because I had other classes with them, so I was not going to get into an argument with them and get myself in trouble.
I understand that not everyone is a Christian, but being a believer and praying was such a help during those years in high school. I knew that I could take my worries and pain to God and He will listen to me, He would take care of me. Everyone copes with experiences in different ways, we all need to find that way. But I believe that suicide is never the answer, there will always be someone there that loves you. It may not seem like that in that moment, but we need to have hope.
I'm still working on my self confidence, and some days are better than others. But I know that God is always there for me and He created me in His image.


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