Virtual Running Shorts

Dear blog, for the longest time I've had running the Disney's Princess Half Marathon on my bucket list. Sadly this one is a little harder to be a part of, but I will make it happen one day. So in the mean time, I have decided to signed up for the Virtual Running Shorts this summer. For this race I don't have to go to Disney World, I can do it anywhere. I would prefer to do it at Disney, but right now that's not possible:(. I chose to do it in July; that gives me more time to train. Once school ends I hope to go running in the afternoons. Currently I'm doing a boot camp three times a week, I absolutely love it. It has been a great way to let go of my frustrations of the day. I didn't see how good it made me feel until I started back up again! Exercising has definitely been a stress reliever for me. I don't like bringing those frustrations home and going off on my children or husband, so instead I go off at the gym's floor! I'm definitely happier. I'm really looking forward to the race. Anyway, for the completion of the race I will get a certificate and a Pluto Dog Bowl Finisher Medal :). Very exciting. I plan on keeping you updated on how I'm doing with my run time and how things go on train days.


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