Day and Night: Can you spot the difference with AUrate?

Dear blog, Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui knew what they were doing when they launched AUrate New York. As a woman I find myself looking for jewelry that is going to be durable and looks good; this is something they do very well. They are currently working on a project to challenge women to share how they transition an outfit from day to night with minimal effort. I am a working mom and I have learned the art of transitioning an outfit from day to night. No, I don't have late events to attend, but I do have "dates" to attend with my hubby and my babies. Not to mention those days when I just need to run some errands after work, but I don't want to look like a slob when I do it.

During the day, I'm a fourth grade teacher. Being a teacher has been my passion since I can't remember. People would always ask me why do you want to be a teacher? I have always answered because I want to make a difference in children's lives and I want to inspire them to learn. One thing I love about AUrate New York is that for every piece of jewelry purchased they donate a book to a child in need, this is called A Book For Your Look. This touched my heart in a powerful way. As an avid reader myself and an educator, I know how important it is to expand children's minds. I work in a low income school where my students are struggling in every aspect of their life. I know that many of my students use reading as an outlet to escape the horrors of everyday life. They could dive into this made up world and put themselves in a different place. Way to go AUrate New York for helping our students, so many of them love to read but can't afford the books and you are making that possible for them.

Now, often, serving a good cause isn't enough to earn my money. A company has to have a good product as well. Well, AUrate New York actually does. They make all their jewelry in New York (funny how that works) with very specific material obtained locally They make sure their materials meet the standards of our social, environmental, and human right practices. If you want to know more about the brand and what they stand for click here for more information. Hearing stories like these make my desires to visit New York even more intense. If I ever make it to New York, I will be stopping to visit them. :).

Before I get into my personal favorites, for those of you interested in viewing AUrates complete collection, be sure to look through their full gold earring selection and different styles of necklaces!Friday's are usually the days that I wear an outfit that can easily transition from day to night. At my school there are dress codes that teachers have to follow, so that plays into my outfit plans. I chose to wear jeans and a blouse with a blazer over it; this is an easy outfit to transition and jewelry will highlight the difference.

For day, I wear jeans, this beige blouse with black hearts, and a black blazer over it. I use the blazer for a more professional look and covers up the fact that the blouse violates the school dress code. I wear my Tory Burch flats because I have to stand all day. This look needs some very delicate pieces of jewelry to give it a softer tone. I love the Mini Charm Circle bracelet from AUrate with the Black Stone Circle earrings and the Black Diamond Ring.

For night, I want a bold look that will contrast with the girly aspect of the blouse. For the night out, I ditch the blazer and show off the beautiful blouse. The low cut and bow on the back give a very girly look to the outfit which I like and the jewelry really pops. I also ditch my flats for some cute nude heels. I could not go all day wearing heels, so I save them for special occasions. To help me with my bold look I add this gold Icon Cuff, it's derived from the AUrate logo paired with the Geometric Bar earrings and the Icon Ring.

These pieces from AUrate New York is what makes the difference in my outfits, they bring it all together in a beautiful way. These are beautiful pieces that will give me the boost of confidence I need. I highly recommend you check out this company and let me know how you would transition a look from day to night!


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