Walt Disney World Series: Part 1 Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House

Dear blog, we are back to reality. Our carriage has turned into a pumpkin, but we had an amazing time while we were there and that is all that matters. This is my second time staying at a Disney Resort and let me tell you it did not disappoint. We stayed at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House and everything was absolutely stunning. I was very skeptical when we went to the Disney Vacation Club sales pitch; I was sure we wouldn't "fall' for it. Well silly me, we ended up joining the club and I honestly think it was a great investment. It's so worth it. I'll have to dedicate an entirely different post to that topic, so back to the topic at hand the resort.

You walk into a very cozy environment. There are chairs and sofas for guest to sit and chat. There are cases with African relics. This resort is inspired by the traditional African kraal. There is African music playing in the background at all times, I felt like I was visiting Africa:). The resort is beautiful on the inside and out. When you walk outside you get to be out in nature and see the animals. However, it was so hot and I don't know how long anyone could stand being outside more than a minute, unless they were in the pool lol. I took my son out one time and as soon as we walked out he was saying "hot mommy hot" lol.


Our room was beautiful! I loved that we had a balcony with two chairs and a table that we could use to take advantage of the beautiful view. Of course the heat limited our time on the balcony. We didn't see all of the animals from our room, but we saw some. The kids loved running to the sliding door yelling "giraffe!!" They were so excited to go outside and see the animals. Our first afternoon there we unpacked our suit cases and changed into our swim suits and headed down stairs to the pool! The pool had a slide!!! Once my son saw it I could not get him to stop sliding. Now on the slide it's one person at a time, so what we did was one child would go down while an adult waited for them at the bottom, and then an adult would slide and then another child. So there was always an adult waiting for them at the bottom. The slide wasn't only a winner for the kids, but also for the adults. We all enjoyed it!! There is a bar by the pool and it even has some food you can order.

The resort also offered a variety of restaurants; we didn't try them all. We just tried The Mara and I really liked it. The food was delicious and it was affordable. It's a quick service so you don't wait long for your food. We ate there for dinner and breakfast, and I liked it both times. It has American food and some African style foods, if you are interested in trying new foods. For breakfast you should try the bounty platter, it was delicious. One day we ordered room service and I tried a burger, also very delicious. The next time we ate there was for dinner and I had the pepperoni flatbread and the African Potjie. Both of these items are the same price so I would recommend you get the African Potjie instead. Something else I wish I had known, but didn't until I ate there, was you buy one of their cups for $17 and you get free refills while you are staying at the resort. I found this to be really nice because it's so hot in Florida and the waters are $3 so that was a better deal:). So as soon as you get to the resort go to The Mara and get your cup and keep it filled.

Here are some housekeeping things you need to keep in mind if you decide to stay at the resort. House keeping will only deep clean the room after 4 nights at the resort. They will not come pick up your towels and/or pick up your trash. This is to ensure the resort has a minimal impact on the environment. So make sure that once you use your towels you hang them up because they will not pick them up and bring new ones. Now we didn't know that so after our first shower we put the towels on the floor. We were surprised when we came back from the park and the towels were still on the floor. At first I was confused because usually in hotels, they come in and clean and replace towels. Thankfully they were really accommodating when we called down asking for towels. I felt bad because it was my job to be informed of their policies, we made sure to not let it happen again. We found a trash room on our floor so we threw out our trash when it got full, it was not a big deal.

I enjoyed my stay at the resort. If there weren't so many resorts to visit I would go back to this one, but I want to explore others. The only thing I would change is us exploring more of the resort, but other than that I loved every minute of it and I know you would too.


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