Disney World Magic Kingdom

Dear blog, this summer was such a magical experience. My husband decided to invite the whole family to Disney World in Orlando, FL. Like I said, magical. We actually stayed in one of the big resorts. The Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort Jambo House. We took the family to Magi Kingdom first, because duh! Magic Kingdom is my favorite park and it must be for the rest of the world because its's always so packed!! I've been to Magic Kingdom in the heat of summer and in December; it's such a different experience. The biggest difference is the weather. It's much easier to maneuver the parks during the colder months because there is no miserable humidity!

We took the resort bus to get to the park. I have mixed feelings about using their transportation. I felt like the bus took forever to pickup us up, especially after a long day at the park when we had to wait for an hour at the bus st! It was miserable waiting for the bus, we were all exhausted and we had to stand in the humidity. A good thing about having the transportation is that we did not use up our own gas and didn't have to mess with the traffic; if you have ever been to Orlando you will understand what I'm talking about.

So let me tell you about our adventure. I got their strollers from Toys R Us. We got one for our son and daughter, Mickey Mouse Umbrella Stroller with Canopy  and Minnie Mouse Umbrella with Canopy. They were reasonably priced and shipped for free; always a plus. They were less of a hassle at the park and didn't take up much space in the van, another plus. But my husband didn't like them, they were too short for him, he had to hunch over all day to push them.

Anyway..... there is always so much I want to do at Magic Kingdom and never enough time. I strongly believe you need two days to do everything at Magic Kingdom. I wanted to get on rides and meet characters; it's very difficult to do both because everything tends to have long wait times. I've been to Magic Kingdom many times, but I have never gone around taking pictures with the characters. I actually started doing this once I had my own children. I love seeing them meet the characters. It's such a neat experience because they are in awe of them.

One of the first things I did when I arrived at the park was get Starbucks: by "get Starbucks" I mean send my husband to the Main Street Bakery to get me a drink while I shopped! I need to have my coffee:).

The one thing I regret about this trip is, once again, I didn't get to ride the Seven Dwarf Mine Train. The wait time is so long and it's almost impossible to get a FastPass. I just need a whole day to wait in line and ride it. 

This time, we were able to take both children; oh boy was that interesting. It's very difficult taking young children to Disney World. I always said I wouldn't take them so young; but once I knew they got in for free, I knew I had to take advantage of that. Tickets are so expensive, so I figured I would take them and just do what I could. We mainly did the rides that our children could ride which are almost all of the ones in Fantasy Land with the exception of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. 

Oh another ride I wanted to do was the Walt Disney World Railroad train that goes around the park. If you have read my older posts you will know that my toddler is a train fanatic. He loves everything trains, so we had no choice but to ride it. The last time we took our son, in December, we missed our opportunity to ride it. Well, back to our last trip, we made the line twice, in two different spots and we didn't get to ride it either time. The first time, early in the day, the ride was closed for some unknown reason not shared with us: the second time we made it through a long line in the rain only to get to the front, just to have the ride closed due to lightning. I was very upset. Not being able to ride the train at first really through a wrench in our plans; we started the day by taking a picture with Mickey at the Town Square Theater. This has been a tradition since we had our son. We always take our picture with Mickey. We actually got to the park pretty early so we were able to beat the crowd, which hits early because Mickey is right by the entrance:). Immediately after meeting Mickey we walked to the train stop and they said we couldn't get on it!! I was mad, this was not part of the plan, it was supposed to take us to our next destination. My toddler was so excited that he was getting to ride the train, but he was devastated when we had to walk away. So, next time we have to ride the train and the Seven Dwarfs ride. 

We rode the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, this is a great ride for everyone. All ages enjoyed this one. Its one of my favorites. After that ride, we headed down to meet Jasmine and Aladdin. There wasn't a very long wait. We also rode Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid. This is a very cute ride. Also, another one of my favorites and all ages get to enjoy it. This ride is a hit with my family. You get to sit on a sea shell and journey through Ariel's story. Next we headed to Meet Ariel at Her Grotto, this was so cute!! I absolutely loved getting to meet Ariel. After this we had FastPass's for Peter Pan's Flight and Pirates of the Caribbean (we love this ride). Another hit with our family was Prince Charming's Regal Carousel. All of the children loved it! I think that was everything we rode. We met Cinderella and Elena at Princess Fairytale Hall.

The Little Mermaid Ride

Meeting Elena

One of our favorite places to eat at Disney is Be Our Guest! They have delicious food and for a reasonable price (reasonable for Disney). This is my second time eating there and we had the opportunity to eat in a different room :) the ballroom. This time we tried the gray stuff and yes it was delicious.


Sneak peek of the West Wing


Nap before lunch


Gray Stuff

It rained on us while we were at the park, which is not very fun with two small children in strollers. I would not trade my memories for anything in the world. I would actually still take my children to Disney World. I would just make sure I was prepared. You will need a fan for their strollers, as I mentioned it's very hot during the summer. Also, have rain coats, it rains there in the summer and in December, it always rains in Florida. I should know, that's my home ;)

At the end of every Disney vacation I tell my husband that I will not be back for a while, but it's a lie. As soon as we leave I'm asking when we can come back! It's just my favorite place to visit, it really is the most magical place on earth.


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