Target and Kroger Haul

Dear blog,
I went to Target to pick up diapers and I left with two bags filled with things that weren't diapers. How many of you can relate? I usually buy the diapers at Sam's, but this time we figured we would try Target. Sam's box brings around 210 for $40, Target brings 144 so 66 less. I love the Sam's brand because of the ;imited leaks and I don't have to buy diapers as often. Let's see how it goes with Target's Up and Up brand.

I was needing new oven mitts and I loved this pattern, it's the Kitchen Textile Aqua by Room Essentials. It brought a smile to my face :). 

My toddler needed new silverware and these are the one's he picked. They didn't have Mickey Mouse, so he went for PJ Mask, one of his favorite shows to watch at the moment (after Toodles aka Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). These are the perfect size for him so they are easy to handle when he is feeding himself :).That is a win for this mama.

These two items were found in the $1 section at Target. These are some resources to use at home for him to learn about money and his numbers. He is really good with numbers, but practice is always good. 

Both my son and daughter needed new toothbrushes. It was time for the one's they had to be replaced. I found the Kid's Oral-B Mickey and Minnie soft bristles to be perfect. It brought a pink and a blue one :)

They also needed toothpaste, I don't understand their obsession with toothpaste. They always grab the toothpaste and take the lid off and start playing with it. We go through at least two bottles of toothpaste a month. I find that to be a bit ridiculous. It makes me feel a bit better to know that I'm using a more Natural toothpaste, Tom's of Maine toddler it's fluoride free.

I've never heard of this brand, I'm guessing it's a new a new Target collection. They had very nice clothing. I was having a difficult time choosing what I might want to try. I went for this long sleeve top that ties in the front. I couldn't find this exact one, but here is a similar one. 

This was $7.99 in the toddler section, I can't find it online. I like the Little Mermaid so I had to get it:).

My favorite place to go grocery shopping is Kroger. I love the great deals they offer.We love using our fuel points. We fill up my van with it, so its worth shopping at Kroger. Kroger has a lot more than other grocery stores offer, they have toys, home decor, clothing, and baby items. I bought some home decor while I was there this past weekend. This is the HD Designs LED pillar candle.

I found this really cute while/silver penguin and I knew just where I was going to put him! This is the HD Designs Ceramic Penguin. He was on sale, so that was a plus.

This is where I put the candle and the penguin. During Christmas time I bought a House Lantern at Target from the Hearth and Hand Magnolia collection. I like a lot of items from the collection, but this is all I have for now :/. 

This Jasmine and Santal scent was right up my alley from the Candle lite Company. Its not too strong. I highly recommend it; this candle was also on sale, I figured it was the perfect time to try it :).

I hope you enjoyed my Target and Kroger Haul!
Have a blessed day:)


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