5 things we don't do anymore!

Dear blog,
Things were much easier when I was younger. I use to think I can't wait to get a job and have money and I will be able to buy whatever I want. Man was I wrong! Now I have learned the value of money. Here are 5 things that we don't do anymore.

1. We don't pay for cable. We actually haven't had cable in the past nine years. Once we got married my husband and I were going to school so we didn't have the money to pay for cable. We had to do without, and now we still don't pay for it. We are not home enough to justify paying for it especially with the streaming services, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and many more. We have actually used all three and like all three. We like the convenience of watching whatever we want. For example, my son's favorite show at the moment is Pj Mask and Netflix has the first season he literally watches the episodes over and over again. He also, likes to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and he can watch new episodes on Hulu. In conclusion, instead of paying for cable and  streaming services we just pay for the streaming services.

2. We don't buy Starbucks coffee at the coffee shop. This one saddens me because I love Starbucks coffee. Now instead of buying a cup of coffee for close to $5 I just buy Starbucks coffee bag at Kroger and my husband makes my coffee cup in the morning. He actually bought me a Starbucks mug and I use it every morning :). I buy Starbucks Vanilla, it tastes amazing. I love drinking it every morning.

3. I stopped buying books! This one also saddens me. I love reading and I love collecting books, but right now I have no room to store books because everything is covered in toys. Also, my children like taking our books off the shelf. Instead I borrow books from friends or I go to my town's library. This way I can still read books, but I don't have shelves overflowing with books. Also, I don't read the same books over and over so I don't see a point in keeping the books if I'm not going to read them again.

4. I don't get my nails done at a salon. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed having the "me time". Sitting back and relaxing while someone pampers me lol. But it was just getting too expensive and ruining my nails. So I decided that it's not worth the money.

5. I love shopping, I enjoy buying things I don't need! I enjoy going to the mall and looking at what's new in fashion and beauty. We use to go to the mall as part of date night (there is not much to do in the town we live in). But I have decided to not go to the mall unless it's absolutely necessary. I felt like every time I was going to the mall I was spending money, buying things we didn't need. I have learned to cut back and just buy as I need.

What are some ways that you save money?
Have a blessed day :)


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