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Dear blog,
I check the Disney Store website everyday; I mean, why wouldn't you? I like to stay current on any new items that may arrive. I usually scroll through until I find something I like (which doesn't take long), then add it to my bag. Once I see how much everything is going to cost, I text my husband and I ask if I can get it lol. He usually says no, so I drool a little more over the items and then sadly I exit out :(. But, that is what happens for almost all of us.

Recently new items arrived and I liked almost everything. Here are my tops items, that I would get if I could.
I love collecting Alex and Ani bracelets. I own several bracelets and one necklace. I want more jewelry from their Disney collection. I only have two items from that collection :/. This is the Minnie Mouse Bangle Walt Disney World. I really like the design of this one, well let's be honest I like all of princess's one as well.

Since I'm in the jewelry category I'll mention this Cinderella Carriage Ring. I absolutely love it. I've been asking my husband for a ring for several months, maybe this will be the winner :). I like the carriage design, it gives it a magical touch. 

I love to travel and make memories, but there is only so much memory my phone can hold. There comes a point where I need to print physical copies of the pictures so that I can make room for more on my phone. I already own a Disney photo album, but it's already full. So I need a new one and this one would be perfect for our memories. This is the Mickey Mouse Compass Photo Album Walt Disney World

I've come to the realization that I have a variety of collections. I mentioned one above. Now I'm going to mention another one. I like collecting mugs. I have started to collect the princess mugs, the ones that incorporate story elements in the design. This is Walt Disney World Castle Tower Mug. This is a very unique mug, I don't have anything like it. It would add diversity to my collection.

I've had the same beach towel since I was 13, it's blue with Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle. It's one of my favorites I haven't found one I like until now! This is the Walt Disney World Beach Towel, it has a beautiful colorful design of all four Orlando theme parks. The Most Magical Place on Earth aka my favorite place to visit :). 

This is one of those mommy and me items. I love these Minnie Mouse rain boots. During Spring it rains a lot here where I live, so I'm always looking for cute rain boots and these really caught my attention. My daughter also needs a pair and I love these pink Minnie Mouse Rain booties for her.

What are some of your favorite items? Thank you for stopping by!
Have a blessed day:)


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