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I've visited Disney World many times during my life. On my family's first couple of trips we didn't eat in the park; we thought it was too expensive, so we usually ate breakfast at a buffet to make sure we were full before heading to the park. At the park we always chose the cheapest we could find on. But, when I was younger, I wasn't worried about trying all of the restaurants, I was just thankful to be at Disney World. Coming from Cuba, a third world country without the basic luxuries of American life, I was just in awe of the magic. The park that I have visited the most is Magic Kingdom, which is my favorite! Now that I'm older, and have an appreciation for good food, I want to talk about the amazing food options at the park. Now, these options are more expensive than restaurants outside the parks, but the quality almost always justify the price. So, here is the review of my family's favorite dining experiences. 

The Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland is a quick service, American cuisine dining option. So if you like traditional, American food this will be a good option. Its an outside restaurant, this could be good or bad depending on the time of year you are visiting lol. The cost is about $14 per adult, and less for children.

Cinderella's Royal Table is the one restaurant I've been wanting to try from the very beginning. I remember walking through Cinderella;s Castle and the people waiting to go inside. I've made it my mission to eat there one day. Not sure when, but it will happen. I think it's every girl's dream to eat in Cinderella's Castle! This is a character dining experience, which is more expensive; ranging from $35-$59.

Along the lines of Princess dining, my family and I love Be Our Guest. It's American and French cuisine in a casual dining setting. The building is absolutely stunning, I love all three rooms, and the food is delicious. Its worth the money, but our favorite is the braised pork. The last time times we ate there, we were in a small party of 11 people and we spent $150 which I didn't think was too bad considering how many people were in our party. I highly recommend this restaurant. One minor grievance with this restaurant. Our first trip to it was only a month or two after it had opened. You could only get in with a reservation. We had a reservation but didn't get to sit down until an hour after our reservation because of how packed it was inside. But, since you order your food before you sit down, our food was at our table by the time we had our drinks.

Another favorite restaurant of ours is Casey's Corner. You can't miss this one, its at the end of Main Street U.S.A, right before you get to the castle oh and there's a baseball player outside lol. This is a quick service American cuisine (baseball themed). It offers affordable prices and more than enough food to share with someone else. A great thing about this place is that it has live music and you get a great view of the castle as you eat :). But, this is another outside dining area so certain times of year won't be as fun. My husband and I shared the Chili-Cheese All-Beef Foot Long Hot Dog and son had the Corn Dog Nuggets Meal. Both very delicious, I'm drooling just writing about it.

Columbia Harbour House is in Liberty Square by the Haunted Mansion ride. This is a seafood restaurant. If you don't like seafood I don't recommend it, but if you do then you will like it. I love the nautical/sea side theme of the restaurant and the food wasn't bad.

I would like to have breakfast at The Crystal Palace. This is a character dining experience with Winnie the Pooh and friends :). American cuisine buffet style. I haven't eaten here ever, but I would like too. On my next Disney World trip this restaurant and Cinderellas Royal Table are on my must try list!

What are your favorite restaurants at Disney's Magic Kingdom?

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