Toddler's Disney Store Pick's

Dear blog,
I thought it would be interesting to write a blog about my son and daughter's pick from the Disney Store. Right now, they are on a Puppy Dog Pals kick and Legos for my son. Netflix doesn't stream Puppy Dog Pals, so we are streaming it through our Hulu account. It's nice to have a Hulu Live account because it will stream new episodes and live shows, which is a major plus! If you are a parent and your child watches Puppy Dog Pals then you can relate to horrible theme song getting stuck in your head. I catch myself singing the song while I'm at work. I'm pretty sure my students think I'm crazy lol.

My son will be starting preschool soon, which is killing me on the inside. I can't believe that he is old enough to start preschool. I can't even talk about it. We have been talking to him about starting school and how he will need a backpack to carry his things. He is actually enthusiastic about school which is nice. I've been showing him backpacks for him to chose from and he chose this one :). This is the Puppy Dog Pals backpack. It should be the perfect size for him and it has a padded back. It has two side pockets and Rolly and Bingo are on the front. He doesn't care about the comfort he cares that there are dogs on the front lol.

Here we have Bingo and Rolly plushs, both of my kiddos picked these plush toys. Good thing there are two dogs, one for each!!! They have a collection of plush toys so this will be nice additions to their collection. They look so cuddly, I can see why they want these :).

These may look like the one's on top, but there is a huge difference. This is Bingo Surprise Action Toy and Rolly Surprise Action Toy. These toys have a button on the back where they will say several phrases and then walk. This I know they would enjoy :).

I enjoy seeing their toy picks!
I hope you have a pup-tastic day :)


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