2019 Disney Bucket List

Dear blog,
We are two months into 2019 and I have a list of things I would like to do; Disney related of course!

1. Marvel Universe Live! This is a show that my son would enjoy, he is an Avengers fan! He asks everyday, several times a day, to watch the Avengers movies. For Christmas he got several Avengers pjs. He was so excited, he changed several times that day in order to wear all of them lol. This show includes Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Hulk, Black Widow, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. They all unite in a race against time to defeat Loki in an epic quest to defend the universe from evil. I just know that my son will be over the moon to see his favorite super heroes in person. Oh, and my husband might like heroes too, I mean he is already planning his next Avengers movie release trip.

2. Disney on Ice- Dare to Dream! This is for my daughter and myself lol. This is the show I've been waiting to see, the Princesses on ice. My daughter is a Moana fan and her birthday theme this year is going to be Moana. I felt it would be nice if she could see her favorite princess in action. I originally wanted to go to the Disney Aulani resort in Hawaii, but that didn't work out. I got really excited that we would finally have the opportunity to see the Princess show. This show includes Mickey and friends, Moana and Maui (my son wants to see Maui lol), Anna and Elsa, Rapunzel, Belle, and Cinderella. We have been fortunate to see Disney on Ice before but a different show, I hope we can see this show this year.

3. Go to Disney World Magic Kingdom and meet Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at Town Square Theater. They are wearing new outfits and I would love to add those to our photo albums. We also would like to go back to Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios and ride the Slinky roller coaster; that is the only ride we are missing :(. And of course I would like to go to Epcot and Animal Kingdom because my children still haven't visited these parks yet.

4. Cinderella's Royal Table, this has been on my list since the first time I visited Disney World, 16 years ago. I remember walking underneath the castle and people in line to enter the restaurant, I thought you could just walk up and go in. I was very disappointed when I found out that is not how it works lol. You can't miss this restaurant, it's right inside the big castle in the middle of the park lol. It offers American cuisine and a chance to meet Cinderella and a couple of other princesses(a dream come true). They recommend to make your reservations 180 days prior to your visit. This restaurant gets reserved fast, it's extremely hard to get a reservation :(. So my tip is if you are planning a Disney trip and Cinderella's Royal Table is a restaurant you want to visit, don't hesitate book your reservation as soon as you book your trip.

5. Stay at the Grand Floridian Resort. If you have ever ridden the ferryboat to Magic Kingdom you would have seen the Grand Floridian off to the left! When I first came to the states, one of the shows I watched was Full House and I still remember their Disney World episode in which they stayed at the Grand Floridian. This was the first time I had seen Disney World.  Nights there are really expensive, our plan is to use our Vacation Club to stay there one day. In my opinion Disney Resorts have the best pools! I may be biased lol, but my children do love going to Disney and staying at the "big house". Actually as I'm working on this post, they are begging to go to Disney World lol.

What are your plans for 2019?
Have a blessed day :)


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