Wreck it Ralph 2 Merchandise

Dear blog,
When Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck it Ralph 2 released in theaters November 21, 2018. I was actually looking forward to the movie because of the princesses scene. It was my favorite scene, I just wish it was longer and the princesses had more of a role in the movie. I'm looking forward to it coming out on Blu Ray. We buy our Disney movies through the Disney Movie Club and I like to purchase a pin with my order. The pins are usually free with the purchase of the movie. If you are not a Disney Movie Club member you are missing out! Ok! back to Wreck it Ralph 2! I absolutely love the movie's merchandise at the Disney Store. I'm going to show you my top picks, but I would love all of it :).

My daughter and I are huge Moana fans! This will be a must for us. Her birthday theme for this year, is Moana. I think this would be a nice addition to the decorations. This is the Moana Rock Candy Vinyl Figure. As I'm writing this blog, my daughter keeps saying "Moana, Moana" :). She makes me happy :)!

This one is more for me lol! Jasmine is my favorite princess, but I would love to have all of the Rock Candy Princess collection from Wreck it Ralph 2. On the left is the Jasmine Rock Candy Vinyl Figure. On the right is the Aladdin Top, again I like all of them! I don't know about you, but I'm so excited to go see the Aladdin movie on May 24th, 2019. I'm already planning our outing for that night! Are you planning to go see it? Here is the trailer for it.  

As a mom of two I don't get to take naps (unlike my husband), but that does not mean I don't get to like these outfits lol. I love the colors and designs of these two. On the left we have the Aurora and Vanellope Tank Top, this is perfect to wear when visiting Magic Kingdom during those summer months. To the right we have the Aurora pj Set for Women. I love lounging around in pjs and these are perfect. Also, they will be perfect to wear while lounging at our Disney resort!

I just think this shirt is perfect for my daughter. I know she will love it! This is Vanellope and Cinderella t-shirt for girls. Perfect for a day at Disney Springs!

All the shirts in the Ralph Breaks the Internet collection are absolutely adorable. I just wish I could own all of them lol. I'm having some Disney withdraws. I'm ready to be back at Disney. I can't wait to plan our next visit. What are your favorite items from this collection?

Have a blessed day:)! 


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