Las Vegas Part 1

Hi guys, today's blog is going to be about my trip to Las Vegas with my family. On Monday July 16  it had rained all day and night. We headed to the Fort Lauderdale airport around 3:30 P.M even though our flight was scheduled for 8:10 that night. The reason we headed out so early was because it was raining so hard that traffic usually gets bad; this day it was and it took us around 45 minutes to get to the Economy parking where we would be leaving our car. This was a very affordable parking lot, $7.50 a day. We did not have to wait long for the shuttle to pass by and pick us up, to take us to the airport. The shuttle goes by every 15 minutes. We finally arrived at the airport where we were flying Spirit. We habanner bag to check but it was over the weight limit, meaning we had to pay $50 more. So we bought another bag to hold some of the things. The bag cost $25, we hadn't even left FL and we were already spending money. There on the floor in front of everyone we had to open our suit case and start taking clothes out and placing them in the new bag. We stuck all of our shoes in the new bag and that brought the weight down and we did not have to pay the extra fee. When we were done, we stop at a restaurant, i don't remember the name, but it was a burger place. It took 45 minutes for the food to be ready. We all had turkey burgers and a pickle, fries came separate. We hurried to eat our burgers so we could get through security. We get to our gate, only to have it change on us. We waited for 2 hours, our flight was delayed until 9:10 P.M not bad. While waiting, we started playing UNO the Disney Princess edition. We did walk around checking on the boards for our flight, still delayed. I had some pretzals and sprite that usually helps my stomach feel better when I fly. Then our gate number changed again we were moved back to the gate right next to our old gate. Here we waited for another 2 hours, we boarded our flight at 11:20 P.M. We listened to all the flight instructions, like how to put on the seat belt, where to find the floatation device, the use of the oxygen mask, and where we could find our exit. Once the plane took off we tried to get comfortable and go to sleep. This airline has very uncomfortable seats, there was no position that I could feel comfortable enough to fall asleep. This airline does not offer the free pretzals, peanuts or drinks, and anything we wanted to buy had to be with our credit card, crazy right. The flight was 5 hours long and we didn't even get a free drink, I don't think thats right. This flight caused me to feel sick and vomit, the flight attendants did not even stop to ask me if I was okay, terrible service. If you guys want to fly cheap this is the type of quality you will get, we learned our lesson, I don't think we will fly with Spirit again; couldn't sleep good on the plane and no snacks. We arrived at Las Vegas around 1:00 A.M. 


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