Las Vegas Part 2

Finally we have arrived at Las Vegas. Now it was just a matter of finding a ride to our hotel. But we quickly realized that in Vegas it is not hard to find a ride anywhere, there are plenty of cars ready to give visitors a ride to their hotel or any other place they might want to go. We got a ride in a black Lincoln with leather interior, fancy right? Anyway the price for four people was $44. We arrived at our hotel around 1:30 A.M; the hotel was Hampton Inn Tropicana. The hotel is very clean and the workers were extremely nice, this is a hotel worth staying in. After checking in we rushed to our room on the 4th floor, we dropped our bags off and we headed out for a walk, to get a feel for the city. We went back to our room around 3:00 A.M and went straight to bed. The next day we woke up at 8 A.M and we rushed downstairs for breakfast, the hotel served an amazing breakfast. That morning we had waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, bagels, and orange juice; there was a good variety of food for everyone. Once we were done, we grabbed some breakfast for my brother since he didn't come down with us. Back in our room, while my brother ate, we got ready to head for the strip. On this day my dad, mom, and I were the only ones who went out; my brother decided to stay in the hotel and sleep; crazy right who goes to Vegas and sleeps. Oh well!? We caught the shuttle that dropped us off at the Tropicana hotel across from the MGM Hotel and Casino. The MGM hotel is huge and has extremely extravagant decorations. Now as you may imagine, it was full of slot machines and poker tables. After drooling over the hotel, we started walking towards the Paris Hotel. On the way, we stopped at stores to look at the souvenirs. It did not take long to get there. Before going in to the Paris casino we stopped at the cafe outside and bought a drink that comes in this cool cup(picture will be posted at the bottom).  Inside we walked around taking a look at the stores, I wanted a shirt but they were pricy. This was also a very nice and fancy hotel; I would have loved to stay at this hotel. After this hotel we headed for Caesar's Palace. This hotel and casino is huge, from the outside it looks like four different buildings, but when your on the inside walking you don't even notice how far you are walking. In Caesar's Palace you can find different stores, mostly designer stores. I loved going inside and taking a look at the very expensive purses, shoes, and clothes I can't afford. My favorite was the Loui Voitton store, I want one of their purses, but after looking at the price, I'm gonna have to wait. We then decided to head out and find the Venetian Hotel and Casino;t here we are going to ride on the gandolas. My mom was very excited because she really wanted to go for a gandola ride. The cost for the ride is $16 per person, there are two different rides, one on the outside and the other one is inside. I would have rather have done the inside because it would have been nice to see the inside of the hotel. Instead we did the outside; it was hot and the scenery wasn't very nice, but it was still pretty cool. The person who does the paddling sings while you are on the ride and the whole ride takes around 13 minutes. After the ride, we decided to head back to our hotel; we were so tired and we still had a long walk back to the shuttle. We started walking, my feet were hurting, I needed to find better shoes that were good for walking. On the streets there were many people trying to give us cards with naked girls on them; of course we rejected them. Back in our hotel room we ordered room service since we hadn't eaten since breakfast. We ordered a pizza and fries, that took about 45 minutes, then we got our bathing suits on and took off to the pool. Out in the pool my borther and I did some racing and sit in the jacuzzi. Then it was time to go inside and take a shower, so we can go back to the strip and eat dinner. For dinner we ate at the MGM hotel. The buffet for dinner is $32 per person, we thought it was a bit pricy but we still decided to eat there. That night seafood was the main dish, but there was still a wide variety of food to eat: pasta, pizza, salads, and more. We made sure we got our money's worth, lol, but that was no problem since the food was amazing. That nigth I tried brucel sprouts and oysters, I won't be having any of those again, once was good enough for me. After we were done eating the amazing food and desserts, we headed out to the casino and walked around. Aftter that we went outside and walked around the strip for a little while until our feet started to hurt again. So we headed back to the hotel to get our rest for the next day.


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