Las Vegas Part 3

It's morning, another wonderful day in Las Vegas. Like the day before, we went down to have our breakfast; the same thing we had the day before, but it was delicious. Again we got dressed and off we went to catch the shuttle to take us to the strip. We went to the New York Hotel and Casino first this time. We specifically came to the New York casino to ride the roller coaster, do you like roller coasters? Well then you would enjoy this one, it goes really fast and you get a beautiful view of Las Vegas. We got off the ride and we checked out our picture; my brother and I did not look to flattering in the picture so we did not buy it, lol. We then crossed the street to check out the Luxor hotel pyramid. This hotel is so nice and very big. We decided to have lunch there; we had some chicken fingers and fries. We also checked out the wedding chapel; talk about luxurious. After the Luxor we headed to Mandalay Bay hotel where all we saw was the lobby and that was enough to show how glamorous and nice the hotel is. We did not stay out to late today because we had other plans for our evening and we had to get ready. So after walking for a while we got on one the monorail that dropped us off at Excalibur Hotel and then we went to Tropican to wait for the shuttle. Back at our hotel we got in our bathing suits and went down to the pool, for a while. Two hours later we went up for our shower and to get ready for our fancy evening. Tonight we dine at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, we actually got a cab that took us right to the entrance of the hotel this time. The restaurant is on the 11th floor so we had to use the elevator which was made of glass; you could see how wonderful the city of Vegas is. The elevator stops in the kitchen of the restaurant and there is a host there that shows where you have to go to see the other host. We had reservations so we were taken to our table fairly fast; the view from up there is just amazing, everything looks so beautiful especially with all the city lights on. We had an amazing and friendly waiter, well everyone there was friendly. When we received our menus we had no idea what to order, we weren't sure what was good. So as an appetizer we order quail, have you had quail before? Well it is not bad, it tastes like chicken, but I don't thnk I would have some again after my husband told me what it was. For our main course my mom and brother order salmon, and my dad and I order pork chops. There was no complaining about our meal, everything tasted delicious. I just want to warn you now, it is not a cheap restaurant, but it was a great experience; it is something you must do while in Vegas. Oh and we took a family picture that was added to our check, the total for our dinner and picture was $200. After dinner my brother and I went all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower. There was a 45 minute waiting line and before you get in line there is someone there to take two pictures that you can later purchase. When we fnally reached the beginning of the line we were so excited. While inside the elevator  I freaked out and had to hold on to something, it was a strange feeling going all the way up. We did learn that this Eiffel Tower is only half the size of the real one, I can't imagine the feeling of going higher than what we did. But up there the view is so beautiful, we got to see the fountain show of the Bellagio, amazing! Up there we took some pictures before heading back down to meet up with our parents. Once we were down, we took a look at our picture and we got the one we liked the most. Then we went to find the monorail, because we were not going to be walking that far in our heels. I recommend getting the ticket for the monorail early so you don't end up paying $5 for 2 minutes on the train, which is what happened to us. Once we arrived at our hotel we were tired, but we had some amazing memories from the night.


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