Las Vegas Part 4

This is our last day in Vegas, this morning once again we went down for our breakfast. But instead of going out we stayed in our room picking up for a while and then we went down to the pool. We were in the pool for about 3 hours before we headed back up to shower and do our laundry. The hotel was so nice in letting us check out at 2:00 that afternoon, they were very understanding of our situation. After 2:00 the hotel put our bags in a closet for us and then we headed out to the strip. Today we visited the other hotels we had not been to yet, like the Aria, Cosmopolitan, and Monte Carlo. They were very nice hotels, if your ever in Vegas you should definetly check them out. They look great to stay in, the great part is that they are right there on the strip, you can just walk anywhere. When going to Vegas it is a good idea to rent a car because there are so many other places that you can visit whenever you want. For example, the Las Vegas sign, the dessert, and the Grand Canyon. Las Vegas is a place I would visit again, it was just awesome. Once again we flew on Spirit airlines, once again it was delayed, we were not happy. Very uncomfortable and no snacks. But our overall experience at Vegas was great and we stayed at a great hotel.


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