Review on Saint Augustine

Todays blog is going to be about my Summer trip to Saint Augustine FL on July 3. I went on this trip with my parents and younger brother. The ride from Miami to Saint Augustine was about 5 hours long; during the drive we entertained ourselves by singing songs, playing guess the person I'am thinking of, and we told Bible stories, but mostly we slept. This helped the time go by fast. We arrived at Saint Augustine around 10:30 A.M, and we went straight to the hotel just to get an idea of where it is. Then we just asked the receptionist where we should go in Saint Augustine. We had to drive around 10 minutes to reach downtown, there was traffic and it was hard to find parking. We found a store to buy our tickets. Alright guys this was our first time ever going to Saint Augustine, learn from our experience. You are going to feel pressure into getting their package, don't do it, it's not worth it. The package included the Red Train, entrance to Ripleys Believe It or Not, The Ghost Tour, and free mini golf. In total we spent $200. The Red Train is not worth it, everything that there is to see is in walking distance. What the train does is takes you to the stop you want to go, once the train arrives you get off and look around, then you have to wait 15 minutes for the next one to come, and if you want to stay longer you will have to keep track of when the next train will be by. We went to Ripleys Believe It or Not, it was nice getiin to see the extraordinary people, and history that has happened. We did do the wax hands in there, that was fun, you could make your hand in any shape you like. Now it was nice to go in there once and look at it, but going in twice in one day is not that appealing. You may be wondering why did we go twice; well that is because the Ghost Tour makes it's last stop in the museum. Oh my goodness guys this tour was terrible, there was not even one moment in the whole tour that we felt scared. Once you check in for the tour you receive a ghost meter, and then you sit and wait till the train comes. The people who will be talking through the tour talk to you for a while and they tell scary stories, of things that they have felt or seen. The stops are in places you see through the day, not fun, we were expecting some places we hadn't seen. We went to a Fort, we did not go in we just staid outside and got eaten by mosquitos, and we just stood there and listen to them tell stories about the people who died there, the same thing happened at the cementary. Oh I forgot to tell you about my ghost meter, it was flashing the whole time, so I thought there was something. Then the guy tells me oh your meter is broken, terrible. We were so dissapointed with this tour, the price on this tour is $26, if you are looking to get scared, this isnt't for you. The next day we just decided to go and visit the different stops. We did not get off all the stops becasue you have to pay to enter everything. First we visited the Fountain of Youth, this was our favorite stop. You can drink from the fountain, take a look at the Indian's house, we watched two shows of the route Ponce de Leon took, and there was a canon shooting, which was very fun to watch. We then visited the Castillo de San Marcos, which is the fort, it was very hot in there, it was interesting to see where the soldiers used to sleep. We then rode on the trian because it was supposed to take us to the Light House, but it never did, so we got off anf drove ourself there. The only reason we went to the Lighthoue was because my mom wanted to go up and see it. Once she saw that there were 215 stairs to go up she freaked out because she does not like heights. We did make it to the top, but my mom did not stay up there long. On the night of July 4 we ate at this great seafood restaurant called Sunset Grille. The price is similar to RedLobster, and if you like seafood you would love this place. On our last day there July 5 we visited the Flager College, it's a very nice college, but the tour is just not worth the money, you only go in two rooms. I just want to remind you guys if you don't enjoy history you might not like being on the train or do much at any of the stops. The reason why is because everything is about history. All in all we loved the place but we felt that some of the attractions there are not worth the price.

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