Sweet Touch Cakes

Hi beauties, this summer I turned 21 and I really wanted an Eiffel Tower cake, but in Miami my mom could not find a bakery that would try and make one. But she tried one last place and luckily they said they would try. They told my mom that it would be the first Eiffel Tower cake they made, well that made me feel special. This cake was actually a surprise; my mom never told me she found anyone to do it. This place makes amazing cakes, they are every talented. I had the priveledge to have them make my wedding cake. Also, they very detailed with the cake for my 21st birthday; they decorated it with purses, perfume bottles, and shoes all over the cake, it was so cute. I couldn't have asked for a better cake, oh and it had rum on the inside, yummy. Here is their website Cakes, if you are interested in ordering a cake. They even make cakes as a designers bag, maybe I would ask for one for my next birthday. I just want to thank Sweet Touch Cakes for designing my cake, they did a great job, and everyone enjoyed it.

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