Praxis and A Writer's Notebook

Hey guys I just wanted to give you guys some websites that can help you pass standardize testing like the Praxis. I have a Praxis book, but it never really helped me. I had to find other resources that would better prepare me for the exams. If you are having problems with any section on the Praxis, check this website out You do have to open an account, but it's free. You can take a practice test for all three sections. It will be graded and they will give you the correct answers. I found the math problems very similar to the Praxis test I have taken. Have you heard of The Little Brown Handbook; if you haven't, this book is used in English Composition I. The book helps you improve your writing skills, primarily punctuational grammar: comma placement, colons, and the like. The book includes an awesome website that has practice exercises I found them very helpful. If you are interested, here is the website Here is a website with writing prompts for the essay portion of the writing section, this website is from the Praxis page:, I have had several of these in the past.

Here is a book that I read for one of my classes this semester. The name of the book is A Writer's Notebook by Ralph Fletcher, I found this book very informative. The point of the book is to tell you about having your own writers notebook where you can go and jot down ideas, events, conversations, draw pictures, and include photographs that can later inspire you to write a poem or a short story. It is great for children because it gives them a new perspective on reading, some may even get inspired and start their own notebook. This book teaches you to focus on the details by using all of your five senses.      What I like about this book is that it is simple to understand, and it shows children how fun writing can be. I highly recommend it; I really want to own this book and in the future include it in my classroom library. I hope you have time to read the book, it is short, so you can have it read pretty fast.


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