Is it Christmas yet?

During the Fall semester, every Monday night, the school choir and people from the community practice for the Christmas Chorale musical held the first weekend of December every year. It is such a happy time because it puts me in the Christmas spirit, and now I'm so anxious for December to be here. While singing these Christmas songs it brings back so many memories of shows and movies that I really enjoyed watching. Full House immediately came to mind; I love that show. I want to buy all the seasons on dvd even though I have seen every episode so many times on TV. I just want to be able to watch them whenever I want, lol. Another show that I really enjoyed watching was Jojo's Circus; don't laugh at me. I loved watching the Christmas episodes of this show. Oh and if you guys read my previous post on Hillary Duff then you know I also love the Lizzie McGuire Show; especially the Christmas episodes. I feel like Christmas episodes make everything so much better, lol. I just really like Christmas, but Christmas is not really about all the Christmas episodes or movies and not even the gifts. Christmas; it is about our Savior's birth and sometimes we tend to forget that. We are so caugth up in what we want or what products we saw the YouTube gurus's talk about. There is nothing wrong with shopping and wanting makeup, clothes, shoes, and jewlery. But we cannot forget the real meaning of Christmas.


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