JustFab and Review

Hey guys I was recently checking out the shoes from JustFab and these Ramila shoes just caught my eyes. These are so cute, I would love to have something like this in my shoe collection. I love the tip of the shoes, it reminds me of a Chanel purse, that is why I like them so much. Also, because it's a nude color. Do you like these?

I'm so dissapointed on the Not Your Mother's Beach Babe product; it does not do what it says. I have straight hair and it did not create any waves in my hair. The smell was so over powering I did not like having that strong of a smell in my hair all day; it was terrible. The smell of the product was a bit like wax. Does that make sense? I would not repurchase this item to be honest, I returned it. Have you guys used this product? Did it create any waves in your hair?

This is my hair after using the product. No waves :(


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