Breaking Dawn

Dear blog, my day started with my husband making a good breakfast, which I ate while watching another favorite show of ours, Psych. I started to work on some homework, I have to design a tri-fold brochure for one of my classes; it will be about a museum I would take my future classroom too when I become a teacher. While I was researching pictures of the place which I couldn't find any good pictures, I decided it would be best if I went to the place myself and take the pictures. But there was something else I wanted to do. The Movies! You wanna take a guess which movie.... Well if you hadn't guessed it yet it was Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. We got the last two tickets for that show time. We had to wait about 30 minutes before our show so we made a stop at Starbucks and had some coffee. I had the Peppermint Mocha; it was good, but not that good in my opinion. Oh my goodness the movie was so good, it has been the best one of the saga. The script for this one was awesome, it flowed so much better than the other films. I thought Kristen Stewart looked really good, very grown up and put together and the baby were just adorable. If you haven't had a chance to go to the movies, you should; you won't regret it. I almost started to cry, I don't want for it to end. Oh and the fashion in this movie was good, I absolutly loved all the outfits. All I can think about is that I just want the movie on DVD already so I can watch it as often as I can. After the movies, we went to the mall for a walk and I did some shopping. I purchased some black flats: I was in need of some flats and these are really cute.

The flats are from Versona Accessories. This store is really cool, it has accessories of many different colors and at a reasonable price, especially the shoes.


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