Macadami and Lush lip scrub review

Dear blog, it is time for me to do a review on two products I've been using for a while now. I'll start with the Macadamia hair repair. I really like this product, I like to use it once a week because I don't want my hair to be oily. It leaves my hair feeling soft and smelling good. I apply it to the tips of my hair and what little I have left I apply to the top. I haven't had many split ends since I started using this product and I think that is a plus. The following product is the Lush lip scrub, I do not like this product. I thought it would be this great exfoliator for my lips, I was wrong. I feel like it leaves them more chapped then before. I would not be buying this product again, it is not worth the money. I feel like you are better off making your own lip scrub


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