Stuff Doll Collection

Dear blog, today I was inspired to show you my stuff doll collection. Just because I'm not a child anymore doesn't mean I don't get to have some dolls. All of these dolls are very special to me because they were given to me by special people in my life.

My husband and I have decided to watch Doctor Who all over again while I write this. This show is amazing and is on Netflix Instant Play. It is very funny, I wish we could buy it on dvd. You should check it out.

This is a brown storage chair from Target.

My parents bought these Disney dolls for me several years ago from the Disney Store.

Precious Moments
My parents also got me this prayer Precious Moments doll. This doll is so special to me. I plan on passing it down to my little girl (when I have one)

This one came in an Easter basket.

This one, my parents bought for me when we went to visit my brother when he graduated from Basic Training.

This one is from New York, my dad bought it for me when he traveled there a few years ago.

This one, my brother brought from Washington DC.

This last one is from our family trip to Canada several years ago. I loved Canada, what a wonderful place.

My parents got this one for me as well.

This little dog was a gift from my husband while we were dating.


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