Christmas Angel Tree

Dear blog, today I went shopping, but not for me. I went shopping for a little girl in my community. Our teachers organization is having a Christmas party this Thursday and we are going to spend a wonderful time together wrapping the gifts we purchased for the children from the angel tree. This is the first time I did something like this, it was such a wonderful feeling. At first I was overwhelmed because I just didn't know what to get this little girl. These kids need everything so it was very difficult to not go over board and buy everything in the store. Here is what I got for her; I wanted to get her more, but budget just couldn't handle it. I got what I could and I know it will help her. Oh and since I am not the only one buying for her, she is getting a whole lot more gifts. I really encourage you guys to go and get an angel from an angel tree near you. These children need so much and this is the perfect time to give.


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