Glee and Modcloth

Dear blog, lately I've been watching Glee on Netflix. I feel like I have a different show every time I write. Oh well, it is an okay show. i don't see what the big deal was when it first came out, everyone was overly excited. I do enjoy listening to the songs and the dances; they do an awesome job. I don't agree with certain issues on the show, but I've learned to pay no attention to them. My favorite character is Rachel and I really enjoy her outfits. I would not mind having her wardrobe from the show. Talking about wanting clothes, I would not mind owning some clothes from ModCloth; especially their coats, it's getting cold here where I live and I don't really own anything to keep me warm. Well these are my picks.

Warm Welcome Coat

Warm Welcome Coat - Black, Solid, Buttons, Pockets, Long Sleeve, Winter, Fit & Flare, Long, 3, Party, Casual

Not  a Cloud in Sight Coat

Off White Knight Coat

Off-White Knight Coat by Ryu - Buttons, Flower, Scallops, Long, 2, Cream, Tan / Cream, Solid, Pockets, Belted, 3/4 Sleeve, Top Rated


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