Dear blog, it wasn't until this summer that I made my first purchase at H&M. It did not cross my mind that H&M will become my favorite store. There is not an H&M store where I'm currently living, but I can always shop online. I find myself checking their website everyday, that's how much I like H&M. I have already placed several online orders from them. There delivery does not take long at all. I usually place my order during the weekend and have the item by Wednesday; other websites take for ever to deliver. So far I love every item I have purchased. I have purchased for myself,  my baby, and my brother. They have very cute baby clothes; I keep checking the website to see if the panda bib will come back. I also, like items from their bed and bath section. I've been contemplating buying this shower curtain. Also, I would like to try their high waisted jeans, and candles.

 My first purchase was at in store and consisted of this crop top with a violet on the front. The other shirt I purchased is this beige and black; it's very simple and that is what I like about it. The last item I purchased is this light color hair bow, I have worn this bow so many times, I love it. I've been considering purchasing the black one.

On another day they were having a sale and some items I wanted were marked down. I didn't want to let the opportunity pass by. I purchased this black top; it looks amazing. For church I like to dress it up so all I have to do is add a blazer; I wore it with this blue blazer from Zara. It looked stunning. I also purchased this white and blue striped tank top; I have worn this so many times already. I have mainly worn it with jeans. I purchased some winter essentials for my baby; these mittens, and the hat. Oh but I could not pass up this Koala outfit; I had to get it, and then I got him a hat for when we go on walks I don't want his little head to get a sunburn.



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