September 2014 Favorites

Dear blog, here are some fashion, makeup, and miscellaneous products I have been enjoying in the month of September.

I received this Juicy Couture necklace for my birthday and I have been wearing it ever since. I pretty much wear it with any outfit, that's how much I like it. 

My Alex and Ani bracelets I have been wearing everyday since, I just love the way they look and I think they go well with my Juicy Couture necklace. They are pricey, $28 per bracelet, but I love the way they look, I highly recommend trying them out. 

This is the Wild Argan oil body scrub from the Body Shop. I use this product once a week. I love the smell of this product. It does a great job of staying on my skin after my shower. I highly recommend it. 
I have been using this Burt's Bess Vitamin E oil since I was pregnant. I really like this oil. I'm still using it on my belly. I highly recommend this product, I feel like it has made a difference on my belly. It has helped smooth my stomach.

This has been the second different dry shampoo I have tried. The first one was Tresemme, I did not like it, but this Suave Professionals is a good dry shampoo. It does have a good smell, I think it's lemon. I would repurchase this product, but I also want to try some different ones, but I know this is a good one that I can always come back too.

This is a fashion favorite, for the past two months, I have been using this cross over bag. It is small, but with a baby a small bag is all I need. While carrying a big diaper bag I can't be using another big bag. I'm not sure where I bought this bag, but there is one at HM that is very pretty and it reminds me of this purse.


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