What to do with Bath and Body Works Candle Containers??

Dear blog, lately I have finished up some of my Bath and Body Works candles. I really enjoyed the candles, but when it gets close to the bottom there is a pretty good amount of wax left over. I don't want to waste the wax that is left, so I have decided to take out the wax that is left over with a knife and use them.

In the container of the Japanese Cherry Blossom I have stored the pieces of candles. I absolutely loved this scent.   

In the container Autumn Day, I have stored some cotton balls.

With the Blackberry Spice container, I'm storing some hair accessories, these are the Chinese Sticks that go in  your hair. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with Chinese items. If you can tell there is a comb with a Chinese lady.

Lastly, my Paris Amour container, I have it sitting on my coffee table with the rest of my Paris decorations. I have a small obsession with wanting to go to Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower. I feel like that is every girls dream.



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