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Dear blog, since I am on this weight loss journey I have been using different tools to help me achieve my goals. During the day I don't have much time to go outside and walk so it has been really helpful to have my stationary bike. When my baby is napping I'll sneak in 3 minutes on my stationary bike. I try to stay on level 4 or above. I love it because I can listen to music or watch a show on Netflix. It helps the time go by much faster. If I want to work on my arms and shoulders I'll just grab my dumb bells and do some workouts, This also helps my heart rate go up to intensify my workout. My husband bought my pink stationary bike from Walmart; Sunny Health and Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike it was $98.99, not that expensive for a stationary bike. This bike is easy to store and will take up just a small space in the room. Also, it tracks the time, speed, distance, and calories. This is my all time favorite thing, like I mentioned in my Tory Burch Fitbit post I like knowing all of this information to stay motivated. Overall it has been a great product, I do not regret buying and I highly recommend it :).


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