Nu.Me Silhouette Flat Iron

Dear blog, I recently purchased a new flat iron, I have heard good things about this company so I decided to give it a try. I was watching blndsundoll4mj's Holiday Gift Guide 2014 and she was offering a discount code for a NuMe product. I purchased the NuMe Silhouette flat iron in pink. I have enjoyed using this flat iron, I love the way it curls. I highly recommend it; it does a great job. I also, purchased the Paul Mitchell heat spray from Ulta, This is an okay product, I can probably find one that will work as well at a lower price. I have seen many people use the Tresemme Thermal Heat Spray, also found at Ulta. 

So before I started curling my hair I sprayed the Paul Mitchell spray all over my hair.

I don't have a strict method to curling my hair, but I really should. Anyway, I just grab some hair and wrap it around the curling iron.

Its hard to explain exactly how to do it. Hopefully the pictures are easy to follow.

And there you have it a curl. 

Here is the result of my first curling with my NuMe.

I finished the look with my Victoria's Secret Hairspray. This hairspray is not sticky, also, it's very manageable. You can still run your fingers through your curls.


  1. Nice curls! Love your hair :))
    I follow you now, would be so great if you followed back! <3


  2. I've never tried this product but I'm quite curious about it



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