Baby HM Haul

Dear blog, I recently wrote a Baby Girl Wish List and in that list I included these really cute shoes from Zara. I was about to purchase them, but, instead I decided to check the HM baby selection and I was not disappointed. I found very similar shoes to the ones at Zara, but for a much more reasonable price. I love shopping at HM, I have written several haul's on the items I have purchased at HM. There are still so many other baby items I want to get, maybe next time. In my opinion HM has the most adorable shoes for girls, there are so many more that I would buy; so there is something for everyone. Another great thing about HM is their prices are reasonable, I love shopping at this store!

Sandals from Zara


Shoes from HM, I love the color and the print on these shoes they are gorgeous. These are sandals in pink. 

I also purchased my daughter this adorable knitted beret for a great price, she will be able to use it this winter. I can't wait for her to wear it, and that bow in the front is absolutely gorgeous.


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