Mimi and Alex Ikonn

Dear blog, I have been watching Mimi and Alex for a year now and they have influenced me in a great way. Their positive personality and way of acting is very contagious. I catch myself during the day thinking about something Mimi said, they don't celebrate birthdays because everyday is worth celebrating. I try to remember that every day, no matter how difficult, is a gift we must enjoy. I've noticed that when I'm negative and I let things around me irritate, I tend to miss the small things in my life, for example, playing with my son or just seeing him smile!

Mimi and Alex are very inspiring people. I don't know them personally, but I think it would be cool to meet them one day. I've learned so much from watching their videos. I started to see traveling in a new way when I started watching their videos. They make it seem so relaxing and enjoyable. I feel like whenever I travel, I'm always in a rush. We don't take the time to sit back and the enjoy the places we are visiting. They inspire me to keep writing my blogs, some days can be very discouraging but everything worth having is worth fighting for. And I enjoy writing my blog and documenting things that I do. So I'm pushing forward. Another thing I like about them is that they are not caught up in the material things in life and that is very difficult to find. I'm trying to focus on the other things of life and not fixate so much on the material things.

 We live in a society where we constantly say we don't have time to workout, I'm guilty of saying it. They live such an active life style and it's so encouraging to me. They are always out in nature taking in the fresh air and they have encouraged me to do the same. Also, Mimi is pregnant and she has been able to still be active. I remember with my last pregnancy I was having a hard time walking and to see Mimi walk up stairs and ride a bike just blows my mind. I'm also, very happy for them, they are going to be great parents. I wish them the best.

They created the Five Minute Journal, definitely a product I would like to try. If you have purchased it and used it, please let me know. Also, Mimi's book The Bingo Theory recently came out. This is a book that I'm interested in reading. From previous blogs you already know that I love reading, it's an absolute passion of mine. Both of these products can be purchased at Amazon.

I wish the best to Mimi and Alex and I encourage them to keep up the good work and inspiring others.


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