The Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon

Dear blog, I don't watch late night television because, let's be real, I'm tired. I have to wake up early to get ready for work and I have two wonderful children, but there is one show my husband and I like to watch: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In my opinion, he is hilarious and has really entertaining segments. I love the thank you cards, charades, and lip sync battles. Talking about lip sync battles, one of his newest episodes had a lip sync battle with Shaq! Oh my goodness it was hilarious, but my favorite part is when Shaq grabs rapper Pitbull from the crowd to help him. Guys, you know I'm a huge Pitbull fan and hope to meet him one day (I'm actually going to see him and Enrique in concert when they kickoff their tour in June! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I meet them! We can't forget about Jimmy, he did a great impersonation of Ariana Grande and John Legend singing Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast. Also, his recent trek through Universal Orlando with The Rock was hilarious.

Last year, when I was in the hospital with all my pregnancy issues we watched The Tonight Show every night! It was definitely something to look forward to after just laying in bed all day. It brought a smile to my face and for that short time I was distracted from the horrible aspects of my life at the time. So thank you Jimmy for a good show and best of all being a clean show.

Hey Jimmy if you are reading this my husband and I would love to go to your show and meet you!!! lol
For my readers, I have attached a few great YouTube videos from Jimmy's channel. Including that amazing lip sync battle I mentioned. Also, don't forget to plan your trip to Universal Orlando to ride the new Race through New York with Jimmy Fallon. It opened today and my family is planning our next trip now that we know about it.


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