H&M Wish List

Dear blog, my obsession with H&M has gotten out of control. In the past month I can't count how many times I have visited their website; it's crazy. Every time I check the website, I find items that I like. Here are some of the items I have my eyes on and would love to buy.

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This is a Circle Skirt for $29.95. I really like the light color, I have been looking for neutral color skirts and I just love this style and color.

Another Circle Skirt that I love; it is a little pricey. This is in the light blue color for $49.95. It looks very classy, it is imitation leather. I love the style and color; I have really been on the look out for a skirt this.

I like this shirt to pair with the light color circle skirt from the top. I like the light color of the blouse. This is a Cotton Blouse for $24.95. 

I really like these shirts: in pinklight blue, and white (very classy). They are the Stretch Shirt for  $19.95; they look professional and I would love to add to my closet. I think they would look good with the circle skirts I have chosen.

Here are two bags that are great for this fall season; the colors are perfect. 1 Handbag for $34.95 this is imitation leather, brown. 2 Saddle Style Bag for $17.95, also imitation leather.


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