So much left to do!!!

Dear blog, there were still so many things I was hopping to get before I had to go to the hospital. I really wanted one of those cute gowns that I wrote about on a blog not too long ago, Baby Be Mine-Maternity wish list. Now I have to wear these ugly hospital gowns for the next three months: a big fashion no, no lol.

Also, I hadn't gotten around to ordering my baby girl a hospital outfit from the Disney store. I bought an outfit from there for my first child; he was Tiger from Winnie the Pooh and I absolutely loved the outfit. This time I was going to order a Minnie Mouse outfit since her nursery theme is Minnie Mouse. I also, liked the Snow White outfit, lol. Guys I just realized I won't even get to put together my daughter's nursery. This is so hard, it has always being my dream of putting together my baby girl's nursery; I did it for my son. My mom and husband will be doing all of the decorating. I can trust my mom, I don't know about my husband, lol. I won't even be able to get the rug I wanted for the nursery from Ikea because my parents don't plan on making their trip to Miami now. 

Minnie Mouse Pink Bodysuit Costume Set for Baby - Personalizable

Snow White Bodysuit Costume Set for Baby
I even had maternity pictures scheduled in a couple of weeks. I had some really cute ideas for the outfits we were going to wear: Mickie and Minnie Mouse ears and our son would hold a pair for his sister. I had many more ideas. Now I won't be able to do that, hopefully we can schedule a photo shoot for when the baby girl arrives.

Another thing that won't be happening during this pregnancy, I won't be having a girly baby shower
:(. At first, since I thought I would only be 30 minutes from home, my mom was going to make it work, she was just going to throw me one at the hospital. But now that I'm two hours from home, I don't know if she will be able to do that :(. There's so much to think about. These blogs are helping me to keep my mind clear, so I won't forget the things I still have to do.

After this year I'm definitely going to start planning our Disney trip for next year, it's going to be a way to celebrate. I'll probably write about what I hope we can do!  

I'm sorry if you are getting tired of these blogs, it's just my way of escaping for just a little while from everything that is happening. 

This is so frustrating, things are not going how I had planned them. Once again I'm reminded that it's not my way, but Gods.

Thank you for stopping by and reading about our crazy adventure
Have a blessed day :)


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